Why I love being a Butcher

When I began working at a butcher shop while attending business school I started wondering exactly what I was doing. Washing dishes and cutting meat was not what my colleagues in class were doing. But I realized this experiment, as I called it, wasn’t based around getting the job that paid the most money. For the first time, I was doing what I wanted to do and in the end, it showed me my future career path. As I started piecing the puzzle together to open The Local Butcher, I came up with a list of what I enjoyed most about my job. Below is a list of why I love being a butcher.

  1. Its all about the dialogue. Sometimes you’re in a hurry and know exactly what you need. But other times, you have a few minutes and we can chat about meat, cooking, knives, restaurants, sports, music, almost anything. These conversations almost always continue in my head afterwards and help me help you better the next time around.
  2. I can help you think beyond the Rib Eye. There are secondary cuts of meat that are really flavorful and less well known. From hangers and flap meat, to Denver steaks and the culotte, knowing about cuts off the beaten path that will not diminish flavor, but will diminish your cost, will help you maximize your meat purchases forever.
  3. Every interaction is a problem solving opportunity. From the amount of meat you need for your party, to fitting within your budgetary guidelines, I am always challenged with providing the right solution on the spot.
  4. Knowledge. I love learning. As I got older I was the one obsessed with museums in the family on vacation. Being able to cut meat is just one aspect of butchering, that I love. Knowing every step of an animals life, the impact animals have on the earth, what sustainability really means (for me) and every topic in between, this job never ceases in teaching me something every day.
  5. Good food. Simply put, I love good food. Being a butcher was a direct line to having some of the best food I could imagine.